Yesterday was the anniversary of the assassination of Malcom X . His life's arc from criminal to true humanitarian was deeply inspiring to me as a young man trying to pierce through the ignorance, hypocrisy and inequality that I felt pervaded our culture at that time in my life and, of course, still does.

It is such a shame how many lives are wasted due to the ignorance and structural violence built into our current political, economic and judicial systems. So many lives spent battling false barriers put in place by greed and self interest and ignorance of the FACT that we truly are all connected to all living beings and the entire universe! So much time wasted battling against these forces when we should be learning and inspiring all to freely explore and question everything for the benefit of all humankind regardless of any of the completely meaningless categories that foolish people use to separate themselves from others.

I had a beautiful day yesterday making music with friends and spending the evening with my family. The kind of day that Malcom probably rarely had because of his calling to the betterment of the human condition for all. It's so easy, especially as a white male in America, to just cruise along in life wrapped up in providing for family and surviving. But thanks to people like Malcom and so many great thinkers, activists, scientists and friends I am awake and strive to be a fair and good human being.

Thank you Malcom, I wish your life had not been cut so short. Peace be with you.


The "I am making love" EP Out Now!

I am very proud to be releasing a collection of pieces I made in the mid to late '90s. I was young and hungry and pushing the limits of my mind and my first PC. Get naked and climb inside.